Project: Educate INDIA.

Mission - Equip 2,000 Students with Futuristic Education

Scholarship up to 90%* on Robotics, Coding & Programing Learning Modules to Children

The Collaboration: Impact Foundation & Academy of Robotics, backed by Rotary Club Visakhapatnam, jointly announces the project Educate INDIA to provide Coding programs for kids of all ages. In the current scenario where the prices are reaching the skies, we are working hard to provide you all Modules for just ₹1400/- each. No Hidden Costs. Scholarships Funded and backed by the above organizations for the common goal.

First time in the Country - Learning & Fun - Together for the Smart Kids

Children love Gadgets - Lets Make that habit a Productive Skill !

Technology Partner: ACADEMY OF ROBOTICS, a specialist in Advanced Futuristic Education for Children, in the field of Robotics and Embedded Systems, comes with a Unique Proposition in Coding for the little brains.  - A 100% Practical oriented  training gives the best to the children at all times. Unbiased delivery of advanced technology is what the children want... Lets give that


Course Details

All courses will be

- 1 Month alternative sessions
- 1 hr per session
- mostly between 3~9

And a choice to change slots ever batch

100% Paperless

Enough of books and pens. Let the Kids Work in a Practical approach, everyday, every hour. More Experiments, Live Programing, Teamwork and Challenges

Breakdown Rule & Family time

Kids Break down the tasks into small challenges and handle them. Also, parents are involved in some other activity always.

Affordable Pricing & New Content Always

Utilize Scholarship to get the courses for almost fisher price. Also, every batch as new codes and projects. So, it is not the same always.

How it works?


4 Phased Training

The Making of Games, Story Boards, Apps and Puzzles. What else can you give better to make your kid hang on to the Classes with an Ocean of Practical Learning!?


Live Themes & Challenges

No more age old learning model. Start by taking up a challenge and start off the project! THE REAL STEM method of learning!


Team Work & Role Play

This is a Signature Method of Teaching at Academy of Robotics.  Kids understand, experiment, perform, and also do the Role Play of Faculty. Let them get the Joy of Managing like a Pro.

Which Program to Choose for your Kid !?!

if you have any questions, join the WhatsApp group, we will help you in deciding.
Basic Information

You can pick any course basing on your interest. But we suggest go in sequential way to get the Grip and Command on Coding if you are serious.
We have 4 levels as shown above, Scratch, Mobile App Development, Python, Web Technologies. Find more data below. You can pick Game Development, only after Scratch and Mobile App, that will give you good understanding of framework of coding.

Scratch The Foundation (Level 1)

The First Dive into the world of Coding. 100% Blockbased for the young minds. Includes Logics, Loops, Constraints, OOPS, Multimedia & many more... 

A Joyful way of learning the Coding from basic to Advanced

Mobile App Development (Level 2)

Right proportion for  creating real time Mobile Apps for children. Let them Showcase their talent in real time. Puzzles, Apps, Graphics, Shopping Carts and more! They work with Sensors, Framework & inbuilt Features

This is the first stage to Embedded systems. 

Python The Jump Start (Level 3)

Enter the Real world of Coding. Start building Applications,  Puzzles, Games, GUI tools, and many 3rd party tools too. This is the language the world is talking about!

Adv. Learning given in a joyful platform for kids. In just a month, they will be able to work and think like a Pro!

Web Technologies (Level 4)

You can never imagine what children can make if given a chance!

Foundation on Web Technologies and Go Live in Creating their own Webpages in a ziff !

Dont forget to ask your 1yr Professional account worth $750 for free!

Game Development (Level 5)

Just trust what your kids can do! Not just playing games, but given a chance, they will be Gigantic in making their own Monster Games!

A jump start into developing real games. Talent kept at its extreme levels in this Exciting Level

Apply for Scholarship*

Registration Procedure (eligibility : 1st to 12th grade)

Step 1 - Selection & Payment

Select the Courses & Make the payment

Educate INDIA - Scholarship Details
You can get any course of your choice for the special Scholarship pricing:

for Indians Residing in India (incl GST):

IMPACT  Scholarship pricing
Mobile App
Web Tech
Game Dev

Payment mode:

pay by wallet:
Google Pay / PhonePe - 7702939777 (Srikanth)
(This is only payment number connected to bank, not a support number) For support, you can contact the Admin of your WhatsApp Group.

pay online
Scholarship Code:
Use the above code during Checkout to avail Scholarship pricing.

Click the appropriate Button for payment

Single Course (1,400)
Any 2 Courses (2,800)
Any 3 Courses (4,200)
Any 4 Courses (5,600)
Any 5 Courses (7,000)

for any queries, ping the Help Bubble or contact your Mentors & Trainers

International Students:
Per Course : $ 49.00  (excl GST 18%)

Code: for International Scholarship:

Step 2 - Online Registration

Complete the  Online Registration form

Student Name*
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Parent Name*
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Any other information or message if you want to share:

For queries or questions you can reach us on:
Robotics HQ: Academy of Robotics Pvt Ltd., Ramatalkies Jn, Srinagar, Visakhapatnam 530016, or  email to

For further queries and discussions, you can join the WhatsApp Group given by your Mentors & Trainers

For any further queries, use the Popup helper for support / call back. 

FAQs - Questions from the audience. Answered and kept here for your reference...

a1. How long is the program

Each module / course is 1 month (4weeks), Alternative days faculty interactive program and other days, kids role play, practice and lab work.

Each session is 1 hr of duration. Mostly you can pick among MWF (Mon, Wed, Fri) or TTS (Tue, Thur, Fri)

a2. Age limits?

Any one from 1st Grade 10th Grade can join. Though, younger and Elder are not restricted.!

a3. Any sequence of courses you suggest?

If you are good in coding, you can start off with any course, else, we suggest you to go sequentially as suggested here.
Scratch --> Mobile App --> Python
after that, you can pick Web Technologies or Game Development. Either way it is ok.

a4. Is there a certificate for the kids?

Academy of Robotics Pvt. Ltd. is an MSME registered, ISO Certified and Collaborated with Lincon University, Malaysia. All courses are certified programs. You will get e-Certificate on mail after successful completion of the program.

a5. If I do multiple courses, will I get multiple certificates?

Yes, every Course you do, you will get seperate certificate!

b1. How much each course? and what if I take multiple?

Irrespective of market pricing of each course, here you will get any course for only ₹ 1190 + GST = ₹ 1400 only. Rest is backed by the organizations supporting. 
If you want to take Multiple Courses, just calculate x 1400 each

b2. Any discount?

Why discount when you are getting Scholarship!?! The actuall fee is approx 7500 ~12500. Whatever discount you might expect on this doesnt match the Scholarship price of 1400/- 
If you are expecting more discount on this, sorry, someone is funding your program. This is a National Project. Same pricing everywhere.

b3. Can we change timings later?

Follow the process here:

1. Upon payment, you will be shifted to a seperate group in 48 hours. 
2. There various new slots will be announced regularly. 
3. Follow and pick the one that is best suitable for you. We will shift you to that classroom.
4. Once you select a batch, you will continue in that, you cant keep shifting.

b4. What about cancellation?

As per the policy of Educate INDIA, a Scholarship Initiative of IMPACT, AOR & Rotary International,  no cancellation or transfers or refunds are entertained as this is a Scholarship module. In Rare cases, if you want to cancel because of any other unforeseen reasons, a cancellation charge of INR 500/- will be levied per course.

b5. Can we change my selection?

Yes, as long as you have not joined the batch, you can interchange the selection.

For example, you have registered for Scratch, Python & Web Tech, and you want to replace Python with Mobile App, YES you can inter change. 

For complete Policy, Terms of Service and Terms and Conditions of this program : 

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Web Technologies for Kids

🎥 Web Technologies 4 Kids - All for just 1400 in this offer

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Talk with the experts for details of the program and get an overal picture of the program. Included: A Full account access of the Professional License of Landing Pages Account during the training period.

Spl Value added offer: 1 Year Licence of Landing Pages - All in one Professional Package - a $700 for just INR 2999/- when taken along with this package.